Flints Black and White

Flints have a wide range of paints specially manufactured for us. This page features our most popular black and white paints.

Since the introduction of Flints Theatre Black over three years ago it has soared in popularity and is now one of our biggest selling products. The reason it is so popular is that it’s specially made to suit the exact requirements of the entertainments industry.

Here are just a few of your kind comments:
“I will testify that this is indeed the blackest black I have ever used”
”It could be said that it is so black that it makes other blacks look not black at all”
“Agreed. Makes all other black paint look like grey”
“The stuff from Flints is the best”
“Flints seem to have had good reviews all round in terms of their black paint”
“Domestic paint does not compare. Fantastic stuff”
“I’ve always found Flints is the best option for Steel Deck, as it’s more thick than normal black paint” ”Personally I'd use Flint's own brand black paint…”
“+1 for Flint's Theatre Black Paint, it's top notch and cheaper than going down to B&Q or somesuch” ”It's also blacker, the Dulux stuff is just a REALLY dark blue in comparison”
”We used the Flints Theatrical Black and cannot praise that stuff enough - amazing coverage and it is a real black!”

Flints Theatre Black Paint 5L
Price ex VAT: £19.72 5 L
Flints Exhibition White (5 Litre)
Price ex VAT: £20.36 5 L
Flints Multi Purpose Primer Black (5L)
Price ex VAT: £52.10 5 L
Flints Multi Purpose Primer White
Price ex VAT: £54.75 5 L