Flints Artist's Acrylics

Our NEW acrylics are made from highly concentrated and finely milled pigments supported in a top quality 100% acrylic base.

“Genuine” colours are made with genuine pigment. Any colour that ends in “Hue” is a combination of pigments, sometimes with white — it is probably a good idea to be careful when mixing these, as they could muddy.

These acrylics are meant for artists and contain real cadmium and cobalt pigments for their warmth and vibrancy — handle these paints with care as they may produce allergic skin reactions.

Flexible except at very cold temperatures [less that 10° C], they grip well to most surfaces but for extra bite prime with the Gesso or Covent Garden Primer.

Can be lightly thinned with water.

Flints Artist's Acrylics Double Box Set
Price ex VAT: £45.00 Each
Flints Artist's Acrylics Scenic Box Set
Price ex VAT: £22.75 Each
Flints Artist's Acrylic - Black - 60 ml
Price ex VAT: £4.05 60 ml
Flints Artist's Acrylic - Black - 250 ml
Price ex VAT: £10.70 250 ml
Flints Artist's Acrylic - Black - 1 L
Price ex VAT: £29.95 1 L

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