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Rosco Flexcoat (3.79 L)
Rosco Flexcoat (3.79 L)
Price ex VAT: £57.80 3.79 L

Regretfully this product is suspended from sale until further notice. Please see this document for further details. 

This waterbased range containing 13 colours, can be intermixed to obtain intermediate colours. They can be used on most scenic surfaces with one or two coats.


Flexcoat performs well over concrete, primed metal and primed wood. It contains no plasticisers, so it will not become brittle with age or exterior exposure. Compatible with all Rosco paints used either as tints or surface coatings, Flexcoat can also be mixed with rubber and foam granules to provide a strong and flexible bonding agent. It is weatherproof and provides a flame retardant coating over most substrates.