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Fosshape™ 300gsm (per m)
Fosshape™ 300gsm (per m)
Price ex VAT: £15.40 Metre

Fosshape™ is a unique patented non-woven, breatheable fabric.It can be cut to shape with scissors and sewn to itself or other fabrics.

So what makes it unique? Fosshape™ can be heated with a domestic steamer [or hot air gun] to form any shape.

When heated the material will shrink and become stiff. Its breathable properties and very light weight make it ideal for stiffening costumes and making large headgear and costume props.

The white fluffy texture of Fosshape™ would make it a good choice for snowscene displays and costumes.


Colour: White
Roll Width: 45" (1143 mm)
Full Roll Length: 45.5 m
Sold by the metre.
Weight: 300gsm
For producing larger items, choose the heavierweight Fosshape™ - 600gsm.

To make a simple Skullcap using Fosshape™
Cut about a 2ft square and drape it over a headblock.
By hand, stretch the material over the block and pin or fasten to the bottom appropriately.
Using a hot air gun or ideally a steamer, wave it over the Fosshape™ until it shrinks up against the block. If a thicker structure is required apply more layers.
A steam iron with gentle pressure will bond the layers together.
Remove from the block and trim!