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*NEW* HATO®Nano Textile Protector 1 Litre
*NEW* HATO®Nano Textile Protector 1 Litre
Price ex VAT: £24.60 1 l

HATO®Nano Textile Protector has been specially developed to seal fabrics and paintings with a self-cleaning, lotus effect. Various stage materials, paintings, furniture, as well as natural and synthetic clothing and costumes can be protected with HATO®Nano Textile Protector. It has been tested with oil and water-based substances such as mustard, ketchup, and wine. We tested it with Pigs Might Fly Blood [page 89] and it rolled right off. Garments treated with HATO®Nano can survive several washes [up to 30° C, max. 4 cycles before re-application]. Apply by brush, low pressure, or airless sprayer. For small surfaces HATO® Nano Textile Protector can be applied with a hand-held spray gun. We recommend testing the product on a small section of the fabric before use. 
SpecificationConsumption: approx. 120 - 150ml / m2 .