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Hatosilk SM Lemon 1L
Hatosilk SM Lemon 1L
Price ex VAT: £36.00 1 L

These lead & caduim free, water-soluble concentrated paints have been designed for use on lightweight fabrics made of natural or synthetic fibres [such as silk, tulle or voile]. Based on a new type of binder, which when dry produces an extremely soft "hand" in the fabrics painted.

Directions for use: Hatosilk SM is intended to be diluted with water in ratios from 1:1 to 1:3. It can be applied either by brush or spray gun. Even when heavily diluted, sharp cut lines can be painted without bleeding into adjacent fibres. When dry, it does not need any further fixing.

Very soft "hand"
Machine Washable for costumes
Virtually bleed free
No extra fixing required

Hatosilk SM is free of lead or cadmium pigments and is water soluble and odourless.

It is colourfast and safe to use in washing machines using the delicate cycle and mild detergents at temperatures up to 40° C.

German: Zitrongelb