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Fire Red Lightbulb Paint 1L
Fire Red Lightbulb Paint 1L
Price ex VAT: £29.95 1 L

This lightbulb and glass paint [Hatolite] has been designed for use on stage to tint bulbs up to 60 W. 

The paint can be applied by brush, spray or, in the case of bulbs, dipped.

The paints can be effectively used for making glass slides and for painting stage stained glass and props.


This paint is very quick drying and covers remarkably smoothly. The paint should not be diluted but, if the colour is too intense, it can be mixed with clear Hatolite.

Brushes should be cleaned with Hatolite Thinner and containers should be tightly closed immediately after use. The product is flammable and should be kept away from sparks and open flames.

If you are spraying it is advised that you wear a suitable mask, work in a well ventilated area using an extraction system to draw fumes or particles away from the painter.

UN 1263 Class 3.
Flammable 32° C.

For an approximate representation of the colour, please see Supergel Ref: 24- Scarlet in the Supergel Swatchbook [available in store or call to request one]- for guideline purposes only.