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Bristol Aquafast Silk (1L)
Bristol Aquafast Silk (1L)
Price ex VAT: £32.72 1 L

With a faster cure time than the Bristol Aqualak, Aquafast is a waterbased lacquer which can either overcoat Bristol Paints, or can be mixed with them. The introduction of Aquafast into Bristol Paints, increases the durability, flexibility and the bonding power making it suitable for painting furniture and difficult surfaces such as plastics.

Many vinyl dance floors can be successfully painted with a 1 to 1 mix of Aquafast and paint [always try a test sample first, but it is important to remember that dancers require specific slip characteristics on their floors and painting them with any paint could affect this.

For this reason we recommend it for painting dance floors used in theatre, rather than dance environments.


With a cure time of just 16 hours, this is significantly faster than the Aqualak.

It is only available in a Satin finish, whereas the aqualak is available in Matt, Silk and Gloss finishes.

The coverage when used as an overcoat is approximately 10 square metres per litre.

As with all makes of glaze the most prevalent problem is ‘blooming’. This is nearly always caused by poor drying conditions especially when the glaze is applied late in the day and left to dry in a cold workshop overnight. The situation is worsened if the base paint has not thoroughly dried and moisture is trying to migrate out through the glaze. In many cases the bloom will gradually disappear. A gentle heat from a hair drier will normally indicate whether the glaze will recover or if the area needs re-painting.