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Flints Cyclorama Glue (5 Litre)
Flints Cyclorama Glue (5 Litre)
Price ex VAT: £49.42 5 L

This best selling environmentally friendly glue is waterbased and safe to use.

We highly recommend it for sticking large canvas murals and cycloramas but it has many other uses including bonding vinyl dance floor to plywood or hardboard. Many of our clients use it to consolidate texturing compounds such as rubber crumbs. It makes a great polystyrene adhesive too!

There are 3 methods that can be employed for application:

-Dry Bond: Apply the adhesive to the wall and allow to dry. Gently position the cloth on the wall, adjust as necessary, then press down firmly. The cloth can be removed at a later date by peeling off.
-The Double Bond: Flints Cyclorama Adhesive performs well as a waterbased contact adhesive. Apply adhesive to both the wall and the cloth. Allow to dry. Press the cloth onto the wall for a permanent bond. This method will provide a strong bond for many surfaces including dance floors.
-Wet Bond: Use as a conventional glue. Apply the cloth to the wet adhesive and allow to dry for a permanent bond.


Approximate Coverage: 1.5-5 square metres per litre
Pail: 5 L (also available in 15 L pails.)

Application is best using a notched trowel with 1.5 mm ntoches every 5 mm (See our Large Adhesive Trowel- B1), and then rolling with a pre-wetted short pile roller to provide a completely smooth surface.

It's unique advantages when used as a dry bond are:
No Bleed Through: The glue will not damage the artwork. As the glue is only applied to the wall and the cloth is positioned when the glue is dry it can not bleed through.
Repositional: If you get a wrinkle in your cloth or it goes out of alignment just gently peel back and try again.
Removable: It is not permanent. You can actually remove the artwork from the wall when you have finished and no glue sticks to the canvas. Just roll the canvas up and transport to the next venue. It saves having to slit cloths down scenery joins after the first venue of a tour and allows expensive scenic artwork to travel separately from its heavy backings
Paint off Site: Murals can be painted in the artists' studios rather than having to close down public areas of museums etc. while the painting is taking place.
Waterbased: It is waterbased and is safe to use in areas where other contact adhesives could not be risked. The virtual lack of odour makes it a good choice when venues need to be re-opened quickly, reducing down time.
Multi-purpose: The glue can also be used as a wet lay or double bond for more permanent applications. It is suitable for bonding vinyl and rubber as well as natural cloths.
Easy & Clean to Use: The adhesive comes with simple instructions and your tools just clean in water.