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Virawipe - Sanitising Wipes
Virawipe - Sanitising Wipes
Price ex VAT: £27.89 Each

ViraWipes are high-performance surface sanitary wipes.

Proven to kill at least 99.9% of disease-causing micro-organisms including: MRSA, Norovirus and Hepatitis B and C.

Ideal for use in the home or retail environment. Perfect for cleaning surfaces in workshops, backstage areas, auditoriums and front of house handrails, and door handles.

ViraWipes are currently untested on COVID-19, however, COVID-19 has an 'envelope' structure around each virus.
This suggests it will be sensitive to VIRAWIPE as it kills 99.9% of similar “enveloped” viruses in under 5 minutes.

NHS approved protection against the formation of bacteria and superbugs.


Supplied as a tub of 225 wipes.