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Hand Sanitiser 5 L
Hand Sanitiser 5 L
Price ex VAT: £25.00 5 L

75% alcohol

5L bottle with a pump dispenser for ease of use. Can be used to refill smaller containers. 

Useful for the stage door, offices, rehearsal rooms, foyers, and workshop entrances.

No need for water or soap. Apply directly onto the hands and rub onto the palms, the back of the hands and in between the fingers and allow to air dry.

Advanced hand sanitiser. 

Kills 99.9% of germs.

Conforms to Standards: GB/T16483-2008 & GB/T17519 – 2013.

Please note that hand sanitisers should contain at least 70% alcohol to be effective, unfortunately this means they are classified as hazardous for transport purposes.


5L bottle with pump