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 Worbla’s Pearly Art
Worbla’s Pearly Art
Price ex VAT: £15.00 500x750mm

A range of thermoplastics which include sheets and granules. The sheets are easy to cut with scissors or a hot knife [page 185]. For best results soften by using a heat gun [page 258] but a hairdryer, hot water or steam can be used in a pinch. Stays workable for a couple of minutes and can be reactivated with heat to continue to mould into shape. While its thinness has advantages, it can crack or split and should be layered or backed by Plastazote or Modelfoam [page 87] for a more robust structure. No toxins are released. When it cools it will be rigid. Scraps can be reheated, combined and used like putty. Other than the TranspArt they have an adhesive side which will stick to itself to create a double layer, and they can be sanded and painted once cooled. When heated they can be stretched to a certain extent to create curves so are excellent for chest plates or armour. They are also able to be shaped over a mould. They can also be cut using a laser producing very fine detail. They can also be used in combination with Wonderflex [see page 85] to create a stronger structure

  • Very smooth; can take much finer detail and requires little sanding to finish
  • Available in Black or a Pearly white finish.
  • Requires more heat to bond successfully; less impact resistance
  • Size: 500 x 750 mm