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Purdy Pro-Extra Monarch Box Set
Purdy Pro-Extra Monarch Box Set
Price ex VAT: £26.00 Each

If there could be a criticism of the Purdy range it would be that they lack enough body to work with really heavy enamels and varnishes. 

However this new formulation has the necessary stiffness needed to manipulate heavy bodied paints with exceptional paint delivery and lay off.

Purdy guarantees 30% extra coverage when using this distinctive blue headed brush.

Suitable for all paint types.

This excellent value set contains 3 brushes:
  • 1 "
  • 1.5"
  • 2"
  • Specification

    Brush Width: 1 "
    Brush Thickness: 15.8 mm
    Bristle length: 60.3mm

    Brush Width: 1.5 "
    Brush Thickness: 17.4 mm
    Bristle length: 68.2 mm

    Brush Width: 2 "
    Brush Thickness: 20.6 mm
    Bristle length:73.2 mm